What is REWARD Token?

REWARD Token is a utility token based on the Ethereum blockchain created for the community. We are bringing an innovative idea to the world of Airdrop.

What is REWARD Token not?

REWARD Token’s distribution is not via an ICO (Initial Coin Offering). It is also not a tokenized security. 70 percent will be distribute to the community via airdrops and bounty campaigns. 30 percent will be kept as reserve.

Token Specs

Name: Airdrop Reward Token (REWARD)
Type: ERC-20
Decimal: 8
Total Supply: 100 Million
Contract Address: 0x276143b680495827407d13dd6f5b9984d46731e9
Etherscan Link:

What is the purpose of the REWARD token?

REWARD token will be a utility coin. Our community will be entitled to receive these tokens as they follow our platform and make contributions through social media accounts.
Distributions will be made by our team. REWARD tokens will be used by our followers to receive sponsor project tokens. 70% of the tokens to be given by the sponsors will be distributed to our community.

How did the REWARD token idea come into being?

Some of us are new, some of us have been participating in airdrops for a long time. In doing so, we usually enter large airdrop websites or social channels in this area and join the airdrops here.
Here is the question we need to ask ourselves: We enter these sites or social accounts and provide community support in these areas. Thus, these platforms have large amounts of advertising and promotional revenue. And in return, do they give anything to their followers who support? Is there any reward mechanism? Answer: Unfortunately, no.
For this reason, this project has been started in order to end this situation. The Airdrop Reward Token will encourage the integration of a reward system to the airdrop community.

Will REWARD Token be traded on exchanges in the following years?

Once REWARD Token will be distributed in the community, it will begin trading on exchanges at the end of the main distribution. The Airdrop Reward Token team will do rigorous effort to have REWARD Token be listed in the exchange within the period of July 2019. If you wish to continue getting benefits from our campaigns after the REWARD token is listed on the exchange:

a. The REWARD token can be purchased from the exchange or,
b. You can continue to buy free of charge for your support.

What is the difference of REWARD to other coins?

In general, all tokens are used for P2P transfer. However, the REWARD token will be used to distribute special promotional tokens to the community members. In other words, there will be a real usage area.

How much gift can you get with the REWARD token?

This depends entirely on the amount of REWARD tokens available. We don't have any restrictions. First come, first serve.

What do I need to do to win the REWARD token?

1. Follow our Airdrop campaigns and carry out various social media tasks and get REWARD tokens for free.
2. Send donation amount directly to REWARD token smart contract (min. 0.001 ETH) and receive REWARD tokens immediately.
(1 ETH = 200.000 REWARD. Rate will be calculated automatically.
Higher amount of donations will be rewarded with more REWARD tokens.
Donations will be only used for development.

When can I get the REWARD tokens I earn?

Distributions of coins earned through Airdrop will be made at the end of airdrop campaigns. If you donate your support to our smart contract address, the tokens will be automatically sent by our smart contract function to the Ethereum wallet address where your donation came from.

When will the distributions of sponsor project tokens start with REWARD tokens?

As of August 2019, we are planning to distribute our first sponsor airdrop tokens based on our sponsor project status.

How do I get campaign tokens distributed via REWARD token?

We will make an announcement on the campaign. We will ask from community to send REWARD tokens to the ETH address where sponsor tokens are held. When this process is completed, we will start to send gift tokens to the participants.
At the end of this process, REWARD tokens, which are received back, will be burned for token price adjustment. This means Token supply will decrease by time.

Donate Our Project and Get Reward Tokens

We will appreciate your Donations. Your Donations will be rewarded with REWARD tokens and will be used in development.
Donate a minimum 0.001 ETH to smart contract address below and receive your REWARD tokens instantly.

Contract Address: 0x276143b680495827407d13dd6f5b9984d46731e9

0.001 Ether = 200 REWARD Token.
0.01 Ether = 2000 REWARD Token.
0.1 Ether = 20000 REWARD Token.

More Donations will be rewarded with more tokens.

* Gas Specification Stated Below.(Please be careful, don’t pay high fees)
* Gas = 100.000
* Gwei = 5 or more (Check it please:
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